The HOLMIOS® website has SSL Security Certification (Secure Socket Layer) , which guarantees total confidentiality of the data thanks to the most advanced encryption technologies (128-bit SSL). An SSL certificate is an electronic "signature" that accredits identity and credentials when you access a secure web page, identify a specific server, or carry out a transaction that involves offering confidential data through the secure website. This means that any type of information that is transmitted from a secure server (which uses SSL) and using a browser with support for SSL technology (practically all of them today), will travel through the Internet unless it can be tracked. , copied and decrypted by a user other than the one belonging to the originally established communication.


If you choose to pay with your own PayPal account, keep in mind that Paypal allows you to pay directly without communicating financial data on the Internet. PayPal automatically encrypts sensitive data with the help of the best technologies available on the market.


If, on the other hand, card payment is chosen, the Customer's order will be charged through the payment gateway of a Virtual POS that encrypts bank details when transmitted over the internet. For security reasons, it is our obligation to verify all orders paid by bank card. We accept Visa and MasterCard cards registered in the secure payment system Verified by Visa .


HOLMIOS® reserves the right to retain any order as well as to temporarily not allow access to the products purchased, for security reasons. The affected CLIENTS will be informed.


Likewise, HOLMIOS® reserves the right to cancel an order if it is considered that the data provided by the CLIENT cannot be verified.


HOLMIOS® will not be held responsible for delays in the delivery of orders derived from the lack of authorization by the payment system.


Nothing is more important than having your trust in every transaction you make using our payment network.